Optimized Identification

OtoScreener™ Hearing Screening System

Awareness of hearing health is the first step to establishing and maintaining a good hearing conservation lifestyle. Early identification of hearing loss through accessible screening is an important tool to both promote healthy hearing and direct individuals with a potential loss to the appropriate medical care for evaluation.

The unique OtoScreener technology is designed to provide a simple, quick screening to determine if hearing loss may be present – in less than 5 minutes. It does not determine the cause or the level of loss, but it indicates a potential need for additional diagnostic testing. Ototronix’s integrated suite of advanced technologies optimizes the practice and enhances the process for patients, physicians, providers and payers. The use of innovative solutions, including adopting new technologies, can effectively and efficiently improve overall practice productivity and patient access to hearing health services.

How it Works

The OtoScreener is available in multiple configurations for use in the different environments. The interactive screening protocol leads the individual through a short hearing and balance questionnaire. Following the questionnaire, a series of tones are presented at multiple intensities and frequencies. The purpose of the screener is to establish that loss is present at a prescribed level, which is adjustable. Screening is concluded with a result indicating if one or both ears met the threshold for normal hearing or if hearing loss was indicated and further testing is recommended.