Optimized Audiology

What is Optimized Audiology?

Individuals performing at their highest skill level experience the greatest job satisfaction and contribute most effectively to the best business result. Optimized Audiology introduces intelligent technologies into the practice of audiology to allow audiologists and other hearing health professionals to improve workflow, increase patient encounters and expand access to diagnosis and treatment. Identifying each function of the patient experience from diagnosis to treatment and targeting the skills of the provider appropriate to the function allows each individual to perform value-added activities as much time as possible. As an example, an OtoTech or qualified technician may perform routine automated or computer-assisted audiometry under supervision, while an audiologist performs complex diagnostics.

The main source of revenue for most practices lies in the treatment of ear disease and hearing loss including hearing device sales, medical interventions and surgical procedures. Due to stagnant or declining reimbursement for physician services, practices are challenged to seek efficiencies while improving access to quality patient care. Audiology services are a contributing source of revenue. In the delivery of those services, it is desirable to have the most skilled associates in the practice dedicating their clinical expertise to the high value activity of hearing device sales and fitting, patient counseling, implant programming and other activities. In conventional practices, a large portion of audiologists' time is spent in routine diagnostic testing. Reducing this time optimizes and energizes the practice allowing efficient delivery and improved access for patients. Ototronix takes a systemic approach to addressing these needs and has developed technologies to aid in this goal.

Our Technologies

Otogram™ - Hearing diagnostic system
OtoScreener™ - Hearing screening system
OtoConnect™ - Tele-audiology system

In addition, we've developed a revolutionary fitting system – IntelliFit™ – which improves the accuracy and programming time of the fitting process beyond conventional programs. IntelliFit interfaces with the Otogram to seamlessly transfer diagnostic data and import patient demographic information. IntelliFit is also designed to be interfaced with OtoConnect tele-audiology system.

Ototronix’s integrated suite of advanced technologies optimizes the practice and enhances the process for patients, physicians, providers and payers. The use of innovative solutions, including adopting new technologies, can effectively and efficiently improve overall practice productivity and patient access to hearing health services.