About Us

Ototronix designs and manufactures advanced technologies for the restoration of hearing including hearing implant technologies as well as hearing and balance diagnostic systems.

Diagnostic Technologies

Our Diagnostic Division focuses on innovative hearing and balance diagnostic systems. Our diagnostic technologies are designed to streamline conventional processes, enabling hearing health professionals to focus on advanced clinical encounters and high-value activities, including expanded patient interactions such as counseling, hearing aid fitting and sales, implant programming, and advanced diagnostics and treatment. Implementing intelligent technologies allows audiologists and other hearing health professionals to improve workflow and increase patient encounters, ultimately affording new opportunities for diagnosis and treatment. We call this Optimized Audiology. Our optimized solutions increase access to diagnostics and facilitate the ease and convenience of personalized treatment, while our superior quality and unparalleled service offer exceptional value for the demanding needs of the marketplace.

Implant Technologies

Our Implant Division focuses on implant technologies to improve communication and enhance the lives of patients with hearing loss.

The MAXUM Hearing Implant evolved through a 20-year collaboration with a team of medical, technological and engineering professionals. MAXUM overcomes many inherent limitations of conventional hearing aids including a reduction in distorted sound quality, acoustic feedback (whistling or squealing), and occlusion (one's voice sounding "in a barrel").

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