Optimized Treatment

IntelliFit™ Fitting System

Thirty million people suffer some degree of hearing loss in the United States. The vast majority of loss is related to an inner ear problem called sensorineural hearing loss. Most sensorineural, or “nerve” losses are amenable to treatment with a hearing device. Mild to moderate losses can be helped with hearing aids. More severe losses can now be helped with partially implanted middle ear devices and profound losses may be helped with cochlear implants. Hearing devices are prescribed based on the nature of hearing loss, the size and shape of the ear canal, and device features. Miniaturization of the component parts of a hearing device, including the microphone, receiver and battery result in a wide variety of styles and features.
Ototronix’s patented  IntelliFit™ technology improves programming accuracy and fitting efficiency by optimizing each hearing device and customizing the process to the individual. IntelliFit eliminates the variables during the programming process that lead to poor fitting and patient dissatisfaction. With the IntelliFit system, patients interactively determine their preferences for a more accurate fit.