Optimized Tele-Audiology

OtoConnect™ System

Telehealth and, specifically, tele-audiology provide and support health care services when distance separates the participants allowing a patient or clinician at one site to interact with a provider at a different site. Ototronix’s proprietary OtoConnect system leverages the power of video conferencing and information systems to enable patients, audiologists, allied health professionals and physicians to see and talk to each other live. For example, a physician or audiologist at a central office can view otoscopic imaging, monitor audiometric testing, and interpret diagnostic results with a patient at another location.

Ototronix’s suite of advanced hearing and balance technologies integrated through OtoConnect optimizes the audiology component of a practice and expands access to specialty ENT services. Implementation of our innovative solutions can effectively and efficiently improve overall practice productivity and patient access to hearing health services.